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Dad Uses Cheesesteaks To Measure His Son—And Now We're Hungry
4 months ago

Most parents are familiar with that one wall in the house where it's okay to write on (at least for mom or dad). The wall that breaks your heart a little when it comes time to move, because you can't take it with you. Marked with a series of short horizontal lines and numbers, it tells the story of our children's growth — it's the measurement wall. But how do you document a child's growth before they're able to stand up straight, back against the wall, and wait patiently while you fiddle with a ruler and pencil? 

One Philadelphia dad had an idea that celebrated his son and the town where they live:

Yup, you read that right. Proud papa Brad Williams, a CEO and computer programmer, used Philadelphia's famous and mouth-wateringly delicious signature sandwich to document his son's first year of growth. Born in October 2015, Lucas Royce Williams' first year included the method his father christened "Cheesesteak for Scale."

According to the New York Post, it all began with a simple observation:

It started when he noticed his 2-week-old, Lucas Royce, was about the same size as a cheesesteak he’d brought home. So Williams snapped a picture of the sandwich next to his newborn and the tradition was born.

The internet had a lot of love to share:

Though some Twitter users were unimpressed:

Some parents had different (and sometimes strange) methods for documenting their kids' growth:

And measuring other things:

So what's next? Chicago deep dish? Maryland crab cakes?