Vegan Attacks Police Department For Tweeting 'Offensive' Photo—And People Can't Even

Vegan Attacks Police Department For Tweeting 'Offensive' Photo—And People Can't Even
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Updated 6 months ago

If you've chosen to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet, we'd like to very quietly say, "Good for you." As with many matters of conscience, food choices are personal decisions, so it's generally best not to get too aggressive or judgmental. After all, there's a reason people use 'preachy' as a pejorative. Let's take the following situation as an example.

Police officers in rural North Wales tweeted a photo of their generous breakfast at a team meeting:

It's your typical U.K. breakfast: a giant pile of poached eggs, sausages, beans, toast — all the usual suspects. 

But someone out there took offense, and replied with this now-deleted tweet:

Speaking as a tax payer I'd prefer them to be less selective when answering questions and perhaps not post breakfast pics that offend vegetarian/vegan followers - pretty thoughtless considering the job title they have.

Oh, Diana. The backlash to her comment was swift:

The officers posted the tweet to promote the National Farmers Union Farmhouse Breakfast, which is a campaign that encourages people to enjoy a healthy breakfast more regularly while supporting local farmers. What a lovely gesture! But then the media caught wind of the Twitter scandal and it turned into a whole thing with its own hashtag of #brekkiegate.

Despite the onslaught of attention, the officers still have their sense of humor:

And their followers continued to offer support:

Sadly, they had already announced that they would no longer be responding to Twitter followers:

But they haven't stopped promoting the Farmhouse Breakfast campaign:

Nor did they stop tweeting celebratory food pics:

We hope you enjoy a healthy and hearty breakfast today!

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