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Wikipedia/Steve Karg
Footage Of 'Butter Baby' Takes Internet By Storm—And We Can See Why
4 months ago

A video ViralHog posted on YouTube today shows a baby in São Paulo, Brazil, joyfully slathering herself with butter. Now deemed "Butter Baby" — it's actually margarine, but "Margarine Baby" doesn't quite have the same ring to it — the 1:48 video is a must see for baby and butter lovers alike.

Wondering how this hilarious scene unfolded? The person who discovered the toddler offered some insight:

After her brothers had taken the afternoon coffee they forgot the pot of margarine on the table, she saw it and started to put it all through her hair and all over her body, it was all really fast and she was very quiet so I decided to check on her. After seeing the situation I decided to record.

Some people thought the baby was adorable:

Others couldn't resist cracking jokes:

Not everyone was comfortable with the slippery situation:

And one commenter was promptly shut down for what they had to say:

How can you hate on a baby covered in butter? Luckily, some people appreciate the buttery abandon:

It turns out this baby isn't alone. Apparently in Yemen, buttering a baby is a pretty common thing: