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Kristianbel via Getty Images
Footage Of Five-Foot Snake Hiding In Toilet Emerges Online—And We're Creeped Out

William Tedrick's ranch sat empty for a few years and was in need of some cleaning, but the Texas family had no idea what that cleaning would require. It seems in the time the ranch was left vacant, someone moved in — a five-foot snake had taken up residence in the toilet.


 To their credit, the family didn't panic. They broke out the camera phones and set about capturing the unwanted guest. 


Not only did Tedrick capture the snake, he seemed concerned about its well-being while lifting it out of the toilet.


Eventually, the snake was set free far away from the ranch and the family had a viral video. Check it out below.

People on Twitter had some skin-crawling feels about this one:

Ricky had no problem voicing how he felt:

And rosie could relate — sort of:


Sorry, rosie, but a snake and a frog are not the same! 

H/T: Mashable