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Woman Solves Mystery Of The Office Cheesecake Caper—And, Frankly, We're Impressed
By Tom.
5 months ago

There are just some basic human laws in life everyone knows you don't break. 

Don't mess with someones money!

Don't mess with someone's significant other!

And do NOT touch someone else's cakes! 

Twitter user Uchiha Shaina @JustShaina set off a "Golden Girls" level mystery when she discovered some fool in her real estate office absconded with several cheesecakes. 

She set off a mystery everyone couldn't help but get drawn into. But she was for sure going to get the guilty party. 

She started calling for action!

Trust NO ONE!

Time to get Mission Impossible style.

Keep an eye on everybody. They're starting to crack.

This ain't over! Never give up without the truth!

The answer is always right under your nose! Keep pressing and you'll find the truth!

Oh people are shady when they're caught. Trying to spin a tale. 

They think their talking to an idiot! You're caught honey! We see YOU!

You're not breaking me. I'm breaking you!

In life the only way to win is to get things messy. 

Whew! Who else is exhausted following that drama. People better watch out when they play with other people's sweets. JustShania seems like the kind of relentless employee you want to have around to get things done. Of course who does n't love a good 'Agatha Christie' style mystery?

Twitter was on every step of the way. 

The golden Girls would be proud. Nobody messes with cheesecake. 

H/T : Twitter