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Sam Neill Cheers Up Twitter By Posting A Selfie With A Pig—And We're Feeling Much Better
By Tom.
4 months ago

The champagne bottles are in the recycling bin and the only proof left of Christmas is the stray pine needles nestled in the dust. 2017 is over, we're a few days into 2018 and the political climate is only getting more nuclear and the east coast is the new arctic tundra. 


So far it's been hard to smile, literally your face cold freeze that way. Thankfully we have New Zealand born actor and Jurassic Park star, Sam Neill to fire up the spirit. 

The actor has become a social media superstar as of late due to his other life activities. 

Sam is the owner of a successful winery called "Two Paddocks" and he also owns a farm scattered with animals. In fact Sam Neill is a fierce animal lover. He has been blasting his Twitter with all of his farm family making his pigs stars in their own right. 

One recent text sent hearts aflutter. 

Have you ever? 

How could you not at least smirk and melt a little of that chill. Twitter couldn't get enough. 

It's still early but Sam Neill and friend definitely win the beginning of 2018! Spread the cheer people! 

H/T : Twitter