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Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images
Jimmy Kimmel Just Responded To Trump's Recent Tweet, And We Agree
4 months ago

On Tuesday, January 2, President Trump decided it was a good idea to take to Twitter to mock North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's nuclear capabilities. Trump also included a not-so-subtle dig at the size of Kim Jong Un's "button," which was an especially Presidential touch.

Jimmy Kimmel was the only late night host who tapes late enough in the evening to offer a take on the President's tweet.

To no one's surprise, Kimmel's analysis was not kind:

Happy New Year, everybody! We have two maniacs with nuclear warheads bragging about who has the bigger button.

President Trump's new year has gotten off to a rock start, but it's not all about North Korea.

Kimmel also drew attention to this picture from Grumpy Trump's Mar-A-Lago New Year's party:

And he took aim at this tweet about commercial airlines:

Kimmel pointed out that the report referred to the entire world (not just the U.S.) and that there haven't been any commercial aviation deaths since 2009.

But he "thanked" the President for his ability to go back in time and affect change.

It would seem President Trump's 2018 will provide more great late night fodder! Watch the whole video below.