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Men Everywhere Are Going Shirtless For The 'Kylo Ren Challenge'—And We Wish Them Luck

The Last Jedi was the biggest movie of the 2017, and whether you liked it or not, you still got to see Kylo Ren's bod.

It's a very specific look. At this point the high-waisted black number topped off with an acre of magnificent Adam Driver chest has become one of the iconic moments breaking through the spoiler barrier and getting obsessively discussed online. 

It was probably just a matter of time before this kind of thing happened, and it might have come from anywhere. But in fact it was John Mayer that had the courage to formally establish the #KyloRenChallenge.


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It spread like red salt in a speeder fight. 

@johnmayer this is my brother #kylorenchallenge

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@johnmayer #kylorenchallenge on a #nye #newmewhodis

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It spread worldwide. As well it should.

Kylo ren challenge! #benswolo #thatsnomoon #massiveobjectapproching #kylorenchallenge

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There were, of course, differing degrees of accuracy. 

May your high waist look be Snoke-approved.

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