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Man Tweets About Steve Harvey's New Year's Eve Outfit, And It's Scandalous
4 months ago

On New Year's Eve, Times Square was a freezing 10 degrees, with a wind-chill well below 0. That didn't stop thousands upon thousands of people from gathering to watch the ball drop, however - it just made them bundle up a little tighter than usual. Steve Harvey, ubiquitous television presence and host of Family Feud, hosted Fox's New Year's coverage, and even managed to officiate a surprise New Year's Eve wedding between Maria Menounos and her fiance Keven Undergaro. Though the ceremony went well, most viewers only had eyes for Steve Harvey's beautiful, white outfit. One Twitter user couldn't help but feel like he'd seen it somewhere before...

Twitter didn't blame him:

It turns out Harvey's look is tried and true.

Harvey is far from the first to sport those duds!

The outfit had the added benefit of being warm!

Some Twitter users thought Harvey resembled another Holiday celebrity.

This isn't the last we've seen of Pope-Harvey...

Hopefully Harvey stealing Pope's outfit will be a plot-line on an upcoming episode of Scandal!

Until then, Twitter will have to decide for themselves: who wore it better?