Man Insults The Myers-Briggs Personality Test, And People Were Not Happy

Man Insults The Myers-Briggs Personality Test, And People Were Not Happy
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Updated 7 months ago

"If you know yourself and know the enemy you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." 

Sun Tzu said that in the Art of War. Knowing thyself is the great pursuit of humankind, and people have dedicated their entire lives to the pursuit of means of categorizing and organizing different types so we may know ourselves a little better. They're not all super relevant to our daily experience, though, and while a present-day Sun Tzu might have appreciated our many ways to categorize and organize his troops and resources, he probably would have been pretty annoyed with Twitter. Like this guy: 

For those not in the know, the Myers-Briggs test defines people based on their preference between two choices in four categories - Extroversion vs Introversion, Sensory vs Intuition, Thinking vs Feeling and Judging vs Perceiving. From there you get sixteen basic personality types, which are supposed to guide you towards your best life. But Business School types probably like the Sun Tzu, too, swapping out Enterprise for War, and read into the Myers-Briggs in an attempt to best their business rivals. Hence, our Twitter jokester hit a nerve in some folks and welcomed a gauntlet of 'nuh-uh's. 

There were loads of people who would corroborate the wry observation from their own experience.

Still others were eager to take issue with the whole thing. 

And still more folks excited that somebody finally said it so well.

To thine own self be true. But you don't really need a test for that.

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