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Man Shares List Of All The Memes From 2017, And We Actually Missed A Few
4 months ago

On New Year's Eve, a man named Zach Washburn decided to measure the year in the best way we know how. No, not in daylights, sunsets, or cups of coffee, but in memes. He made a calendar of all of the various memes that went viral across the internet in 2017, and let's be honest, we all appreciate the reminder.

But apparently this is not his first year undertaking such a herculean task. He did one for 2016:

As well as 2015:

Of course, people were extremely appreciative of his altruism:

And like any good internet celebrity, Zach responded:

Some were shocked by what they had missed:

And others had feels about what were their most important memes:

The important moments they'd never forget:

And what we can't bring into 2018:

Zach explained to us how he compiles his list every year:

And Bea laid down an incredible truth bomb for all of us:

Thank you Zach. You are an American hero.

H/T: Twitter