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Girl Wraps Boyfriend's Present In Unconventional Wrapping Paper, Becomes Internet Hero
4 months ago

With another holiday season in the not-so-distant past, some people like to reflect on what they learned this time around.

One thing to consider? How to be a better gift wrapper.

Twitter user @itsindysev took creative gift wrapping to a whole new level. Running with the theme of "giving the gift of yourself," @itsindydev wrapped all her presents to her boyfriend in custom-made paper. Corner to corner, the gifts featured dozens of her best selfies.

The lucky guy got to contemplate his real blessing before tearing into the gifts:

The clever gift giver also made special paper for her bestie:

Twitter users loved it, and want to put their own best faces forward:

Some people saw a downside:

But most starting planning for next year's holidays:

Hold up! Why wait for next year?

Lovers of the world, you have your work cut out for you next holiday season. Better start snapping those selfies!