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Parents Totally Troll Daughter Who Asked For Lorde Tickets—And They Deserve An Award
4 months ago

All Jorji Kellogg wanted for Christmas was tickets to see her favorite singer, Lorde. All her parents wanted was a good laugh at her expense, so they played the mother of all pranks.

When Jorji opened one of her gifts she saw a note from her loving parents:

Dad and I are so proud and happy that you want to grow your faith and spend time with the Lord! Enjoy Pastor Joel Osteen at the Spirit Center!

 And along with the note were tickets to see the controversial televangelist.

Jorji took the joke in stride and posted the note to Twitter with the caption:

I asked for Lorde tickets. Not The Lord. 

People felt her pain in a really big way:

Some people tried to look on the bright side and encouraged Jorji to make the best of it:

Jorji's mother eventually stepped in to let everyone know her daughter was going to see Lorde:

Jorji's mom got some props for the joke:

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