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New 'Roseanne' Trailers Poke Fun At How The Show Originally Ended—And We Love It

The hit show Roseanne is the latest in a slew of '90s sitcoms enjoying a revival, but there's one teeeeeny detail they need to work around. In the original series finale, viewers learned the whole show was actually a book about Roseanne's life — and she had changed some key details she didn't like. In (fictional) reality, husband Dan died after his heart attack in season 8. Oops!


But ABC President Channing Dungey reassured fans that John Goodman will return to the series:

I don’t want to talk too specifically, but I wouldn’t say we’ll ignore the events of the finale ... Dan is definitely still alive.

The network posted a series of short teasers to their YouTube Channel on Christmas.

One in particular seems to address Dan's "death":

YouTube | ABC Television Network

Apparently alluding to his death, Roseanne says, "You can't live in the past Dan. When things are gone, they're gone forever."

Some fans had hopes for how they wouldn't explain Dan's death:

And Wendy appreciated that there was some acknowledgement:

And others anticipated who else the show might bring back:

There was plenty of speculation about how this might work:

Though some people said they'd boycott the revival because of Roseanne Barr's pro-Trump views:

And a bunch of folks wondered why these old shows are getting rebooted in the first place:

Our guess? Money.


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