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Trump Still Refuses To Apologize To Women, So These Feminists Did It For Him

Looks like Christmas came a little early this year.

In light of President Trump's glaring absence of an apology to women during a time when so many men are stepping up to make amends, Liz Plank, senior producer and political correspondent at Vox, and the team over at Divided States of Women, took matters into their own hands, creating a mashup apology video that craftily uses Trump's own words against him.

Plank explains:

There is one man... who has a history of bragging about sexual assault, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 19 women, and who regularly demeans women in his workplace, but has been curiously silent: President Donald Trump. 
Given that President Trump has admitted himself that he never asks for forgiveness, even though his sexist behavior makes women feel harmed on a daily basis, we decided to do it for him — using his own words.

Twitter ate it up:

Many liked it so much, they were gushing over Liz:

To which Liz replied:

For anyone who hasn't made a mashup video of this caliber before, it's no easy task:

Malcolm MacLeod tied it up with a bow, echoing so many of our thoughts: 

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