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Stacy Revere/Getty Images
An NBA Player's Toilet Was Just Stolen In A Burglary—And People Have Some Ideas
4 months ago

Charlie Villanueva, formerly of the Dallas Mavericks, came home to find he'd been robbed. He experienced all the usual emotions associated with a burglary — shock, anger, fear — but the robbery also elicited something else: confusion. The thieves stole many of Villanueva's valuables, including one item whose disappearance genuinely perplexed the former ballplayer: 

Twitter has an eye on possible suspects:

We've seen work like this before...

Villanueva is more perplexed than angry:

Twitter is more amused than sympathetic.

At least one Twitter tried to help Villanueva out.

What kind of thieves are these?

Whoever did this... please, do the right thing. Return the toilet. Everything else is yours, but a man's toilet is something precious.