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The NRA Just Took A Shot At Mark Hamill, And Used 'Star Wars' While They Did It

The NRA Just Took A Shot At Mark Hamill, And Used 'Star Wars' While They Did It
Updated 5 months ago

When Mark Hamill isn't busy recording one of his numerous voice-over roles or starring as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, he's been known to have an active political presence on Twitter. 

In the past couple weeks, Hamill has sounded off against the repeal of net neutrality:

Another controversy Hamill often addresses is gun control. In fact, he used the issue to help create an emotionally resonant backstory for his character in The Last Jedi. The story involves a child accidentally activating Luke's lightsaber.

The actor told Australia’s Herald Sun why the issue is so important to him:

America has a lot of crazy people and the gun laws are just totally wrong and disproportionate for what we need.

As a host of NRA TV, Grant Stinchfield disagrees with Hamill. He took his best shot at the Jedi Master:

Once again we get a Hollywood millionaire, protected on set by armed body guards 24/7, and he thinks our gun laws are too strict. He’s also a hypocrite. Star Wars was and is a violent movie. All of them are. Shoot ’em up thrillers at their best. What if the Galactic Republic outlawed lightsabers and ray guns? No more armed spaceships. Darth Vader’s evil empire would have run ramshod over Skywalker. Han Solo would have died who knows how many movies ago. In fact, the lightsabers and laser guns are what gave the good guys in every Star Wars movie a fighting chance.

Aside from comparing the laws of a fictional universe to our own, Star Wars fans had a few problems with Stinchfield's comments.

It seems Stinchfield's understanding of the Star Wars universe is limited at best...

Guns and lightsabers aren't always portrayed positively in that galaxy far far away...

Hamill hasn't yet responded, most likely because Stinchfield's argument left him speechless. Sorry, but it looks like we'll now have to remove all regulations on guns, blasters, and lightsabers!