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Chrissy Teigen Just Asked Her Fans For Headache Cures—And They're Weird As Hell

Chrissy Teigen Just Asked Her Fans For Headache Cures—And They're Weird As Hell
5 months ago

Pregnancy can cause all sorts of changes to the body and comes with all sorts of limitations as to what you can and can't do anymore. For some women it can cause hair loss, or unwanted but luxurious mustaches. It can cause long-dormant viral infections to suddenly flare up again or change your skin's tone and texture. It can cause cravings for massive Italian subs - which you can't eat because you're not supposed to eat sliced deli meat. Sushi? Same. One of the most common pregnancy issues, though, is really bad headaches that pregnancy-safe medications often can't touch. 

Chrissy Tiegen was stuck with one of those headaches recently, so she reached out to the Twitterverse. 

The responses she got... well ... let's just say the comments were a learning experience for us all. 

She asked for witchcraft, so both the sarcastic and those who wanted to be spiritually/energetically helpful spoke up. 

Then the tech support faction came out and things got really weird. Like "we forgot Chrissy was a human woman" kind of weird. 

So here's what we've learned so far: to get rid of headaches one must have sex with John Legend while having your temples massaged in peppermint oil and frankincense harvested by aliens, eating chicken tenders and mashed potatoes, rubbing quartz on your belly, and being covered in rice. There is a slight risk of dragons, though. 

Oh, internet, don't ever change. 

H/T: Twitter