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Sneaky Raccoon Pops Up At Canadian Pharmacy, And People Have Theories As To Why

If you live in Toronto, Canada, you're probably unfazed by seeing raccoons on a daily basis (there are quite a few scurrying around). Clearly, the little masked bandits knew they had to up their game to elicit the shock and surprise they're used to. One sneaky raccoon made a particularly bold move that got the job done: it made its way to a local pharmacy and set up shop at the self-check out.

And yet, some residents were still nonplussed.

There seemed to be some argument on Twitter as to whether the raccoon was using or supervising the self check-out:

But one thing is certain:

What would a raccoon shop for?

Hopefully the raccoon found whatever it was looking for. Toronto pharmacies welcome shoppers of all shapes and sizes!

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