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Photo by Pau Barrena /AFP/Getty Images
Man Gets Trivia Game Show Question Wrong—And The Answer Was On His Own Shirt

  A man only known as Alberto, appeared on a Spanish game show called  Ahora Caigo which translates in English as Now I Fall.  Alberto was given a question that seemed to be almost unfairly suited for him. 

 The question was:

What is Steve Rogers in the Avengers? Doctor? Sir? or Captain?

 Alberto seems confused as he mutters the wrong answer. 


Getting the answer wrong wouldn't have been that shocking except that Alberto was wearing a Captain America shirt. Even his competitor seemed shocked by the ease of the question. All Alberto had to do was look down at his own tee-shirt to find the answer. 

Host Arturo Valls quickly pointed out to Alberto that the answer to the question was right under his chin. Alberto has now cinched his position in internet history. 

H/T: Indy100