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Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)
Justin Bieber Shows Off His Christmas Spirit With An Intensely Festive Car Makeover
4 months ago

The Biebs has Christmas spirit, Yes He Do! The Biebs Has Christmas Spirit, How ‘Bout You?!

And now we know it, thanks in part to Justin Bieber's "Homies," who had apparently called him out on his level of holiday zeal this season. Bieber's answer to their taunts was to post a couple of Instagram Stories flexing his Yuletide street cred. The simultaneously dopest and dopiest of which was a video unveiling his ride (a Mercedes-Benz G-Class), all tricked out in a custom paint job featuring holiday bows and cartoon characters in Santa hats, which he then dubbed the "Christmas G-Wagon."


The second video, shows a shirtless Bieber in time lapse, seemingly on his own, parading around in khaki slacks as he hangs ornaments on a tree. 

His fans appeared to be impressed with his efforts: 

Though there were one or two people who kept it all in perspective:

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