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Will Smith Just Trolled Justin Timberlake On Twitter—And We Briefly Choked
4 months ago

Will Smith and Justin Timberlake have been tight for a while, which is not exactly a secret. They're similarly talented with similar senses of humor, so it makes sense. But their presence on social media differs quite a bit. Justin embraced most platforms pretty quickly, but Will? Not so much. He's a newbie to Instagram now, and we can't think of anything more appropriate for his new account than a video picking on Justin. 

Wish granted!

As soon as we saw the video was directed at Justin, we knew there would be a roast. We weren't expecting Will to take it where he did, though.

Namely, here:

Will warned Justin to avoid repeating the infamous 2004 "Nipplegate" incident when he next graces the halftime stage. 

Fans got an eyeful and a belly laugh out of it, so they seemed pretty happy:

People welcomed him to Instagram pretty warmly:

@mamsomi99 wasn't the only one who noticed that Will is apparently immune to aging.

We're starting to wonder if maybe Hancock was a nonfiction film? You can hop over to his Instagram and welcome him yourself here

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