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Araya Diaz/Getty Images
Hillary Clinton Shares Photo Of A Super-Fan In Ridiculous Costume At Her Book Signing

While on her national book tour, former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton likely encounters many superfans who supported her during the 2016 presidential elections. This past Saturday, December 16, however, she met one fan who was a little... extra. In fact, the stranger's costume impressed Clinton so much that she tweeted a photo of the man. 

His outfit is really quite something:

In the comments, many people said Clinton was a superhero in her own right:

Clinton's book, What Happened, is an autobiographical account of the 2016 presidential races, both primary and general, which ultimately resulted in the election of Donald Trump. 

The memoir ignited controversy as Clinton called out former opponents, the media, and the American public.

Though her presidential aspirations are now behind her, Clinton continues to inspire citizens.

Of course, every superhero needs a special mode of transportation.

Though she may not wear the same outfit as her superfan, Clinton still plays the part for many.

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