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Photos by Stuart C. Wilson and Favio Nadari-EyeEm via Getty Images
Anna Kendrick Just Threw Shade At Mushrooms—And Her Fans Have A Lot Of Opinions

Food fads come and go, and it takes a brave soul to call out some beloved delicacies. It turns out Broadway and film star Anna Kendrick, who has been acting, singing, and writing since she was just 12 and debuted in 1998's musical High Society, is not one to shy away from culinary controversy.

Kendrick took to Twitter to make an ominous prediction:

What have you started, Anna?


Twitter's response was swift and divided. Fellow truffle haters had Kendrick's back:

Truffle lovers were aghast:

The debate got people thinking about all the other things they've been duped into eating. 

But Lucy may have taken things too far:

And then an Anna Kendrick GIF fight erupted over truffle fries:

Maybe we should all go back to talking about Donald Trump. It's less controversial. 

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