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Macaulay Culkin Makes Surprise Appearance In Wrestling Match, Uses Home Alone Traps 😮

Considering its surprising popularity, you may already be aware of underground comedy wrestling. In Los Angeles, one such event, known as Bar Wrestling, brings together many of California's most talented professional wrestlers for epic showdowns in (you guessed it) bars. Overseen by frontman Joey Ryan, the events play to standing-room-only crowds and are often lavished with positive reviews. And, since this is L.A., the events often feature a special bonus: celebrity guest wrestlers! 

On the December 15 edition of Bar Wrestling, one front-row audience member got drawn into the action: Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin.

It turns out this is exactly what the world needed right now:

For many, clips like this are the true meaning of Christmas:

Kevin's every bit as dangerous as he used to be...

From Sexy Santa, Elf Candice LeRae, Santa Supercop Dick Justice,“Professional” Peter Avalon, Swoggle, and Macaulay Culkin: Happy Holidays!

H/T - Uproxx, YouTube