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People Share The Weirdest And Most Awkward Images Their Phones Ever Freezed On ๐Ÿ™ˆ
5 months ago

We've all been there. We're watching a video, or Snapchat, and our phone freezes up at the most awkward of moments. But sometimes, those awkward moments border on works of art. On Wednesday, a glance at Twitter revealed some of the most hilarious frozen screens.

Some people's screens froze on something out of a horror movie:

But this frozen photo provided a rather uncomfortable POV:

Which someone couldn't resist replying to with this:

There were also embarrassing moments:

And there was also a pretty awesome Stranger Things/Hamilton mash-up:

There was eye candy to satisfy everyone:

But one intrepid tweeter shut the whole thing down with this:


H/T: Twitter