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Mom Takes Her Baby Down The Christmas Aisle, And His Reaction Is Everything 😍
4 months ago

It's the holiday season! If you're a grown-up that means you're probably stressing yourself out about how you're going to afford all this jolly. Lay-away, long lines, family stress, bad weather, impossible lists and beyond-impossible parking situations can suck all the merry right out of your Christmas. 

This guy feels us.

Okay, we'll admit it, holiday magic is much less magical when you've seen behind the curtain. It's much muuuuuuuch less magical when the bills for all that magic start coming in. Most of us would love it if we could get a bit of that winter wonder back. 

Enter this guy: 

This little dude's holiday joy is so contagious that it's turning him into an internet celebrity. Mom took a video of his reaction to just cruising down the holiday section at a store. He's so into it, you guys.




It's enough to recharge our seasonal batteries, for sure. If this is how he reacts to items lined on a shelf imagine his reaction to seeing an actual Christmas display!

You can watch the video here. It's over two minutes of sheer unbridled babyjoy. Turn your speakers up for maximum cuteness.

Feel free to save that so you can rewatch it when you start to forget what this is all about. 

H/T: The Berry, YouTube