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There's A 'Mayne' Photoshop Battle Taking Over Twitter, And Terrence Howard Just Responded

It could be said that this all started back in 2005 when Terrence Howard played the hustler-and-pimp-slash-aspiring-rapper, DJay, in Hustle and Flow, a role that earned Howard an Oscar nod. One thing from his role became iconic; his penchant for ending every sentence with the word 'man,' pronounced as 'mayne.' 

Well, twelve years later, a meme was born. It started last Thursday when @flowsandolini, co-host of the 79th & Halas Podcast, posted on Twitter with this request:

Quickly, someone obliged:

People started to make their own captions using DJay as their inspiration:

But over the weekend, Terrence Howard fanned the flames by saying he was almost cast in the Fast and Furious franchise in the role made famous by Vin Diesel. Soon, the resurgence of 'mayne' became a full-fledged meme, with people imagining Howard in other major franchise roles:

And finally, the man himself, Terrence Howard, responded:

Which of course, just triggered more memes:

Terrence Howard's done just fine without The Fast and the Furious... mayne.

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