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Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Georgia Theme Park Cancels Massive Snowball Fight Due To Snow In Ultimate Ironic Twist
4 months ago

The Six Flags theme park franchise had big plans to break the world record for the largest snowball fight with fights planned across all of their parks. The record belonged to Canada, and Six Flags had designs on stealing the crown for the United States.

Here was the original advertisement:

However, in the most ironic twist of fate, after a storm hit the East Coast this past Saturday, the massive event had to be cancelled for... you guessed it... SNOW. The Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson New Jersey cancelled their event, as did an Atlanta area park:

Some were bewildered:

Some, unfortunately, had already started to make their way to the park:

Though this person was able to turn her day around:

And one was able to look on the bright side:

Luckily for all those who purchased a ticket, snow is free and there was about a foot of it.

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