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Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
Photos Of The Infamous SantaCon Emerge Online, And People Are Anything But Pleased

Nothing says celebrate the birth of Jesus like a bunch of people donning Santa Clause costumes and going on a pub crawl to get shit faced in the middle of the afternoon. 

Ah, the holiday season is upon us and that means one thing, SantaCon is back and people aren't thrilled.

Exchange the red suits for green and it looks a lot like St. Patrick's Day. 

Not all bars and restaurants want to participate. 

Okay, even the Scroochy-ist among us have to admit this guy is adorable. 

Others, not so much. 

Oh well, it's just for one day. Right? Promise us, it's just for one day. 

And in a bizarre mashup SantaCon meets Stranger Things. 

John Williams summed up our feelings. 

Let's hope all the Santas' sleep it off. Until next year...

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