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Woman Tweets Ridiculous Menu Item From Restaurant--And People Can't Even
5 months ago

The words "Market Price" are arguably the most powerful words on a restaurant menu. For the financially challenged they translate to, "Well, I guess I'm not having that." And for the financially privileged they mean, "Here's my chance to show off in front of Roman and Dominique."

In most cases, Market Price is reserved for seasonal items like fresh seafood, since the cost fluctuates depending on availability and season. But it can also appear next to items like truffles and, increasingly in recent years, certain cuts of steak. When diners see it, they know it generally signifies the item is expensive. So imagine how shocked Julia Wick was when she saw it on La Brea Bakery's menu — next to avocado toast:

Twitter had a field day:

It's always such a tough choice between housing and trendy food:

Of course, some people saw this coming...

Some of the other prices on the menu surprised folks:

Jan summed it up nicely:

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