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Baby Uses Sign Language To Throw Shade At Santa Claus--Becomes Internet Hero
5 months ago

Do you remember the first time you sat on Santa's lap? Of course not! Thankfully for most of us, our brains shield our fragile young minds from the memory of those 60 seconds of Christmas terror. This young boy however, remained strikingly calm, using sign language to send a distress signal — HELP! — to his mother, or anyone else who might save him from the clutches of the strange man in the red suit and white beard who "smells like beef and cheese.'

Twitter was taken with how cute and comical the photo was:

Some people share their own stories:

And others had pictures:

A surprising number of people commented on the sign language: 

Spencer explained why her child's version of "help" differs from the standardized version, and posted a picture:

One person saw a metaphor for 2017 in the image:

H/T: Twitter