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Man's Yearlong Battle To Be An Outback Steakhouse Bloomin' Onion Mascot Ends Happily Ever After

Dreams can come true and New Yorker Ryan Nanni is living proof. Kicking off 2018, the 32nd annual Outback Bowl will be taking place on New Year's Day between the Michigan Wolverines and the South Carolina Gamecocks — and Nanni will be there to see it... as a giant fried onion. Yes, the SB Nation contributor — whose Twitter profile boldly states, "my only professional goal for 2017: to serve as the Bloomin Onion at the next Outback Bowl" — will fulfill his year-long goal by adorning the iconic Outback Steakhouse Bloomin' Onion mascot suit in Tampa come January 1.

Nanni announced his intention at the beginning of the year, then badgered Outback via Twitter throughout the year:

With less than month to go before the big game, Nanni shifted into high gear and went for the hard sell. 

NOT Ryan Nanni/Today

Nanni wore Outback down — they set a goal of a mere 10,000 retweets to claim the gig. 

Backed by a cavalcade of exuberant supporters, he delivered the Tweets within 24 hours. 

And Nanni was ecstatic:

And everyone who retweeted joined the celebration:

There's just one question remaining: What will Nanni's 2018 goal be?

H/T: Twitter