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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Quote From 2016 Re-Emerges--And It's Not A Good One For Her

Earlier this week, Twitter users unearthed a way-back gem from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It appears that Sanders, who is infamous for her particularly combative brand of snark when dodging press questions on behalf of the Trump Administration, brought that same signature bluster to a tweet she posted a year ago. 

In 2016 Sanders tweeted:

The tweet, originally posted during the election campaign in response to a tweet from Political Wire Publisher Taegan Goddard, appeared to throw a punch at Hillary Clinton during the FBI's investigation of her private email server at the time. 

But now, after Trump spent the weekend bashing the FBI in a series of tweets, Sanders' message is coming back to haunt them all:

This guy kept everybody's receipts:

The words "karma" and "irony" were being tossed around like a fresh salad...

And while Sanders will no doubt roll her eyes at any attempt by the press to make her reconcile her words with the President's actions over the weekend, it seems turnabout is fair play in the eyes of Twitter users.

Yes, Twitter was only too happy to oblige in refreshing Ms. Sanders' memory...

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