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Twitter Just Announced Their Top Ten Tweets Of 2017--And President Trump Isn't Going To Like It

Twitter Just Announced Their Top Ten Tweets Of 2017--And President Trump Isn't Going To Like It
Updated 6 months ago

As 2017 winds to a close, Twitter is revealing its end-of-the-year statistics — namely, the most retweeted and favorited posts of the past year. After President Trump's tweets have taken up so much of the daily news cycle, you would expect to see at least one Trump tweet crack the top 10, but, surprisingly, the President doesn't make an appearance. Former President Barack Obama, however, is well represented on both lists, which should be sure to steam our Commander in Chief. Here are the top 10 mos retweeted images!

10. A former Viner tweets to help prevent suicide:

9. Sam Martin of the Detroit Lions made a pledge to donate dog food to Houston pups after Hurricane Harvey.

8. Barack Obama tweeted on his last day in the Oval Office.

7. The King threw some shade towards President Trump.

6. Linkin Park sent out this photo honoring lead singer Chester Bennington, who took his own life in July.

5. Barack Obama makes another appearance with the final line from his farewell address in Chicago.

4. Ariana Grande responded to the shootings that took place at her concert in Manchester, England.

3. The Penn State Interfraternity Council pledged to help Houston.

2. Following the Charlottesville riots, Barack Obama delivered this touching message:

1. The most retweeted image of the year also happens to be the most retweeted image of all time. Nobody was surprised that it involved Wendy's chicken nuggets.

(Though he fell short of his goal, Wendy's ended up throwing Wilkerson a bone)

Twitter also published its top three most favorited images. Spoiler alert: Barack Obama rules Twitter.

3. After Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, Barack Obama offered these words:

2. Ariana Grande's tweet was both the 4th most retweeted and the 2nd most favorited.

1. Taking a final victory lap, Barack Obama's tweet following the Charlottesville march was also most favorited.

You may have noticed President Trump's tweets failed to make the list. He seems to go for a quantity over quality approach. We'll see how that turns out for him in the long run...