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Ram Is Denied Access Into Liquor Store By Fast-Acting Clerk, And We Almost Feel Sad For It
5 months ago

This is an OUTRAGE. In Pubnico, Nova Scotia, there lives a poor, thirsty ram whose only desire is a stiff drink after a long day at work. Is that so much to ask? The ram attempted to visit a local liquor store, but the clerk denied him access. 

Fortunately, a security camera captured the entire incident on film. This worker should be ashamed for keeping that ram away from the store's wares.

We're sure he would have paid a fair price for them.

The story has claimed a great headline: "Woman Battles Ram on the Lam."

Some Twitter users seem to find the incident funny?!

Across the Atlantic, a Florida establishment treats their animal customers with far more respect:

No matter how you feel about the ram being snubbed, that clerk must have ice-water in her veins.

But most sympathetic thoughts are going out to the ram — as they should be.

Someone in the Novia Scotia area, please get this ram a drink!

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