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Astronauts Make Their Own 'Space Pizza'--And It Looks, Well, Kind Of Gross
5 months ago

Unless you're one of the 44 active astronauts in the NASA Astronaut Corps (or an alien from another planet), you may never get to know how "space pizza" tastes. But thanks to a minute-long video astronaut Randy Bresnik uploaded from aboard the International Space Station (ISS), we earth-bound people can see how it's made and what it looks like.

So how did space pizza come about? During a live public event, Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli simply mentioned how much he missed pizza to his ISS boss. Soon the six astronauts received a package with everything they needed to make some pretty interesting looking space pies for their movie night.

Twitter users were delighted:

Others were a little grossed out or a bit... disconcerted:

While some people speculated about the types of pizzas and how they were cooked:

This person summed it up nicely:

H/T: Mashable, YouTube