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Woman Asks Elderly Mother For Her Secret Bread Recipe--And Her Instructions Are Everything

Krista Ball from Alberta, Canada, grew up with a bread-making mother. Her mom is too old now to bake the bread herself, and Krista has been trying for years to make it herself — without success. She finally decided to call her mother to figure out what she was doing wrong, but there was one small problem: her mother doesn't use any measurements.

To Twitter's delight, Krista documented her mother's instructions:

OMG. Well, no wonder she could never recreate the recipe.

Many people on Twitter could relate to Krista's plight:

Pro tip:

Or this...

One person provided a recipe she managed to get out of her own grandmother:

Isn't Twitter an incredible thing when it wants to be? Now, all we wanna do is taste test Krista's next batch o' bread.

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