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Tomasso Boddi/Getty Images
Video Of Mariah Carey Awkwardly Signing Autographs Emerges--And People Have Questions
5 months ago

Mariah Carey is a woman of many talents. Some, like her amazing vocal prowess, have been well known for years. During a free concert in L.A. honoring World AIDS Day and celebrating its 30th anniversary, Carey wowed the audience in a custom-made Georgine dress with a sweetheart neckline and a line of safety-pins curving down the front. But hold up! At one point, Carey displayed what appeared to be gravity-defying skills that left fans shook.

Watch Carey sign autographs for fans while she's onstage:

Did you see it? Watch again...

Carey responded but she isn't revealing any of her secrets!

Her seemingly effortless balance astounded fans:

It's almost as if Carey has access to some sort of holiday magic...

Maybe it's time for some of us mere mortals to hit the gym?

Many fans wouldn't be surprised if, at her next concert, she sang her greatest hits while doing back handsprings.