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Hugh Jackman Shares Photo Of Him And Patrick Stewart--And The Internet Is Flipping Out

Wolverine set out to demolish the Twittersphere on Thursday without brandishing a single claw. Instead Hugh Jackman, who plays the iconic X-Men character, aimed for the heart by tweeting out a pic of him and co-star Patrick Stewart (who plays X-Men's Professor Charles Xavier) having dinner together with the caption, "Father and son reunion. #Logan #Charles #Wolverine"

It's no secret that X-Men stars Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have enjoyed working together throughout the past 17 years. As the story goes, Patrick Stewart decided to retire from the franchise (the same year as Jackman), after an emotional viewing of Logan, where the two thespians held hands and shed a tear together.

Back in March of this year Stewart told Good Morning America:

I was sitting alongside Hugh, and the movie was playing so beautifully, and we got to the last couple of minutes, which is very intense, very emotional, and I suddenly felt Hugh had taken my hand, and he was squeezing it, and then I saw him just do this [wiping an eye], and I thought, ‘If Hugh Jackman can wipe away a tear, I can wipe away a tear.’ As the credits rolled, I realized, you know, there is no better way to say goodbye to this than at this moment with a film like this, because it is so beautiful.

Since Stewart's confession has become the stuff of X-Men bromance lore, Twitter users' feels were pushed over the limit by Jackman's tweet.

Some folks weren't so much moved to tears as they were to extol the virtues of the two actors:

But there were also those who got caught up in the pair's good looks:

As always on the interwebs, while some people were in their feelings, others had to go for the joke:

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