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Beware: These Are The Absolute Filthiest Places In Your Office
5 months ago

When it comes down to it, Mashable's list of Top 10 Most Dirty Places in the Office consists mostly of handles and buttons.

If you have basic common sense, then you probably already know what to avoid touching in the office and when to wash your hands. But just in case, science video producer Tony Lee will take you on a journey around the workplace discussing what surfaces need a wipe down and which ones could potentially send you home with the flu.

In the video, Lee starts out asking, "Would you ever lick the surface of your phone? How about your keyboard? How about the doorknob? EW!"

Lee then goes on to identify the following ten trouble areas using an ATP meter:

10. Coffee pots

9. Computer mouse

8. The toilet

7. Vending machine buttons

6. Water fountain buttons

5. Refrigerator door handles

4. Keyboard

3. Microwave door handles

2. Sink faucet handles

1. Cellphone

This list could easily be summarized by saying, "anything that lots of hands touch, and the bathroom." But at least its entertaining to watch, right?

Well, these YouTubers didn't think so:

At least a couple people had something a bit more thoughtful to say:

H/T: Mashable, YouTube