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Amazon Total Pillow Case Fail Has The Internet Laughing And Rolling Its Eyes At The Same Time
5 months ago

Be careful what you order when shopping on Amazon this holiday season–not all items are as they appear–or hilariously, maybe they are. 

That’s what one shocked Amazon shopper found out when they ordered a dinosaur pillowcase.


Twitter user, @Dufined posted the pic, thanking Amazon for their stellar work. Advertised with a sleeping child nestled atop a pillow covered in a white pillowcase with a blue and green dinosaur print, the anonymous buyer (whose original post on Amazon could not be tracked down) found out the hard way that scammers sell on Amazon, too. 

Not only was the dinosaur printed on the pillowcase but also, surprisingly, so was the child from the ad. 

And while many on Twitter found the post super funny, others took the time to argue the distinctions between false advertising and that which is "literally" too true. 

But then a twist: turns out @Dufined wasn't the original poster after all and some found themselves down a Twitter rabbit hole, chasing down thieves and plagiarizers...

While some users applauded efforts to track down the original poster and call out @Dufined, others were just plain angry about being played.

The funniest thing about all of it, may have been the people who were just way too confused about it all and had to have it explained:

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