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Gabriel Bouys/Getty Images
A Man Just Revealed The Secret Meanings Of Twitter Actions--And We Have To Agree

Millions of people take to Twitter every day, trying to unlock the mystery behind the use of three simple reactions: reply, retweet, and favorite. On Monday, November 27, Twitter expert Juha Keränen cracked the code and posted it for all to see.


Twitter quickly realized the truth behind the image, and they were shook:

Though some people just wanted to watch it all burn...

And others couldn't help but observe a small inconsistency in the observation:

For many Twitter users, this new wisdom came with a sad realization:

Some would rather live in blissful ignorance than face the truth:

Perhaps the one thing Keränen's algorithm could never have predicted is that so many people would sound off in agreement. 

Keep up the code cracking, Juha, and maybe we will finally figure out Reddit...

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