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Pedro Pardo/Getty Images
There's Now A Justin Trudeau Boyfriend Calendar--And We Know What To Put On Our Wish List
5 months ago

Hey girl. You like a liberal policy-making style, coupled with the dashing good looks of a young world leader? Sounds like you've got it bad for Justin Trudeau, who may be just the Prime Minister in Canada, but forever rules as the autocratic tyrant of all our hearts. As the holidays fast approach, a new calendar featuring the suave politician in 12 alluring poses has appeared in many stores. It's a must have for literally everybody.

They've already sold out, no doubt.

You get what you pay for.

Some people don't seem to understand what a big deal this calendar is.

The Trudeau love stretches from coast to coast.

Though the product did surprise many...

Fans are making room in their lives for the calendar:

And jeez... for GOODNESS SAKE... will somebody PLEASE tell Sophie?