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Jason LaVeris/NBC/Getty Images
Weird Al And Lin-Manuel Miranda Got Some Exciting News From Larry David--And We're Cheering
5 months ago

Earlier this year (on June 22, to be exact) Lin-Manuel Miranda shared that he happened to be hanging out with "Weird Al" Yankovic when they found out they'd both be receiving stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At the time, people wondered what the pair were doing together. Was the odd couple collaborating on a Hamilton parody track? Are they real-life besties? It was a bit of a mystery.

On Monday we finally got our answer, and it only made the situation more memorable. It turns out both actors were hanging out on the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David was the one to break the news:

Miranda quickly confirmed this was the case:

Twitter was not expecting another celebrity cameo in this story:

But they never mind an appearance by Larry David...

Still, it left them a little perplexed:

What were Lin-Manuel Miranda and Weird Al doing just "hanging out" on the set of Curb?

It turns out they made a surprise appearance on the show after painstaking efforts to surprise the audience:

It was pretty good:

The story of their Hollywood connection will be passed down through the generations: