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David Sacks/Getty Images
Twitter User Sums Up Their Financial Woes With Telling Picture--And We Can Definitely Relate

Money is tight for a lot of people. Between rent, food, utilities, transportation, and student loans, it sometimes seems like one tiny paycheck can't possibly stretch far enough. Twitter user @xysist knows exactly how this feels, and summed it up using a surprisingly relatable picture:


Twitter understood far better than they'd like to:

There will likely be some compromises when it comes to food:

For some, even this picture would be an improvement...

People are empathizing with @xysist:

And in case you didn't recognize her, the woman standing next to Shaq is Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

This seems especially relevant with the holidays around the corner. Let's hope our collective Shaqs and Simones will be reversed one day.

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