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Photo by Bill McCay/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Dogs Watching The National Dog Show--And We Love It
5 months ago

We all know there are people who play professional sports and there are people who sit on the couch, eat wings, and watch the sports players. It turns out it's no different in the dog world. Not every canine has the pedigree to strut their stuff in the National Dog Show, but we don't love them any less. 

These dog owners are just as proud of their TV watching dogs as the dogs their dogs are watching on TV. 

Some dogs are just waiting for the coach to put them in:

And when you see your doppelganger getting the fame and fortune, all you can do is bury your sorrow in a jar of peanut butter. 

We all feel your pain, pup.

When deciding whether to watch football or The National Dog show, don't argue with man's best friend.

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