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Woman Tries To Crack A Joke About Trump On Twitter--And It Backfired Bizarrely
5 months ago

Every now and then a Twitter thread takes a strange turn, and this week was no exception. Brandy Jensen, social media manager for the magazine The Baffler, tweeted a joke in reference to Donald Trump claiming he was supposed to be Time Magazine's Man of the Year.

Let's take it from the top. This is the tweet that started it all:

Jensen, riffing on Trump's tweet, posted the following tweet to The Baffler's account:

That's when a well-meaning Twitter user named Bo Gardiner stepped in to set the record straight on misogynistic practices:

Your person of the year has no last name? Or because she's a woman you just figured it was unimportant. I looked it up for you. Congrats @BrandyLJensen!

Jensen then retweeted both tweets, putting her defender on blast:

Once their heads stopped spinning, more Twitter users jumped into the fray:

The whole mess left lots of people confused:

If you want to have someone's back, make sure you walk it all the way through so the person you are defending doesn't turn it on you for their own laughs.

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