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Jason LaVeris/Getty Images
Beyonce Just Released A Bizarre Holiday Merchandise Collection--And The Internet Is Torn
5 months ago

Beyonce basically runs the world. The only thing standing between her and some sort of global presidency is that she's too cool to waste time on some sort of silly election. On Wednesday, November 22nd, she moved one step closer to world domination by releasing her own line of holiday clothing: The 2017 Holiday Capsule Collection. 

Some of the Queen B's designs are a little bit...strange, however.

The full catalogue is nothing if not unique.

Even Bey's fans are a little bit skeptical of the new line...

But some are quicker to come around than others!

The perfect gift for anyone who wants Beyonce wrapping paper for Christmas:

The Queen does as she will.

Some Twitter users are taking things a bit too far.

Years from now, we may find out Beyonce was just trolling us the whole time.