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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Denzel Washington Just Played Basketball With A Jar Of Cranberry Sauce--And We're Impressed

You may not know Denzel Washington used to play basketball at Fordham University. You may not know he starred in the Spike Lee classic He Got Game. You may not know whether he could throw a skateboard through a basketball hoop from the free-throw line. What you do know is this: you'd like to see him try. While visiting Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, November 22nd, Washington showed off his skills in a "Random Object Shoot-Out" which ended with the perfect surprise cameo!

Things got pretty intense:

The game ended as a tie, despite the heated competition.

Though the clip was definitely a win for fans!

Denzel isn't the first celebrity to get the random shootout treatment!

It looks like Washington has retained some of the skills he taught his on-screen son in He Got Game!

Washington was dropping by the show to plug his new movie, Roman J Israel, Esq. The new movie just came out on November 17th - catch it as soon as possible, though it features none of Denzel's dynamite basketball skills.

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